Thames Gateway bridge

Key to the regeneration of the Thames Gateway London Area is to link North and South of the river to integrate the local transport networks and increase social inclusion. The Thames gateway bridge is also a major infrastructure element for greater London, encouraging development away from the already congested parts of the capital and supporting the role of London as a ‘world city’. With restriction on height due to the neighbouring ‘City Airport’ and restriction on depth due to navigation of vessel up to 40,000 tonnes, the bridge needs to accommodate three lanes both way and segregated pedestrian and cycle facilities.
The two above bridges I designed are part of a set of four, which MBA presented with Halcrow to public enquiry. The Single arch option spanning 130m, 530m , 130m , is an attempt to conquest this territory in an essential tension, a pure physical gesture reflecting the immense dimension of nature. On each side of the river twin triangular cantilever steel frames and tie down piers support a central suspended navigation span. The Triple Arch Bridge option attempts a more subtle connection between mankind and nature, kissing the water in a repetitive dynamic gesture. Four triangular cantilever frames support three ‘bow-string’ arches to cover three large spans of 215m, 310m and 215m. Coming above the deck level, the arches add visual interest for road users.