Millenium Dome Xtrem

Bid for the redevelopment of the London Millennium Experience venue: the Millennium Dome, MBA proposed to convert the Dome as a commercial and leisure centre on the theme of Mediterranean gardens. The proposal magnifies the existing structure by taking out all buildings from the heart of the space. Instead, it creates the world largest indoor park. The project was an opportunity to explore the technology of ETFE pillows, which we proposed to use to re-clad the dome in order to achieve a Mediterranean climate. We proposed to combine retail and extreme sports and looked into creating flexible spaces to accommodate sports alike wind-surf, downhill bike, bungee jumping… The layout includes low budget shops and branded flagship superstores. The result was a new form of mall, crossing retail niches such as Camden Market in London and a specialized superstore. Here the park with the sport amenities replaced the multiplex.
Project designer, I was responsible for the researches (precedent, scale comparison, technology) and assisted meeting with developers interested in backing the scheme, unfortunately, our bid has been outran by a concurrent company.