The phase II extention of the los angeles contemporary museum of art, comes in the continuation of the museum restructuration started by RPBW , which phase I just opened in april 2007 as we were finishing the SD.The phase II is a square single storey building that opens into a park. It is based on the same principle of parallel walls alike the Beyeler Museum and the … Museum previously realised by the office. Its finishes and formal ground principles, come from the phase I. Here the roof intersect also with the side walls. but instead of being a succession of shading panels above a flat glass roof as in phase I, it folds with the glass panels alike roofs from old fabrics, to give it a slight industrial look. At the same times, a value engeneering brought the office to set the MEP outside, reinforcing this quality. I joined the team of LACMA to help for a short period on the construction documentation package (for 50% CD). I particularly worked on walls and roofs details and helped on study models.