La Tour Phare

The project « Tour Phare » was an international competition for a 300 m high tower in Paris, to which took part 10 of the most height profile practices alike OMA, H&M, Foster, Fuksas, Mosphosis… making it a thrilling experience. The site, 50 meters by 72 with a rail station and a road crossing below was of an extreme complexity to build on. Ultimately, an opening of 24m large by 30 high had to be created to let a pedestrian bridge going through, making it hard to shape. We therefore split our concerns in two. A highly rational and optimised volume, tapering as going up, was to answer the program. Around it, a dress answered our environmental concerns, alike sun shading, wind reduction allowing to open windows, and contextual ones, alike creating alignments, emphasising the way through, or creating canopies over the entrances.
As project architect on this project, I had to study the design of the building as well as finding strategies to organise uses and accesses, develop the lift strategy, and with the consultants, the different technical strategies (environment, facade…). I also had to organise the presentations and verify all information produced. The team grew up to 12 people toward the end, and counted 7 teams of consultants.