King’s Cross Caledonian road

The project, part of the MAUD program, involved playing the role of a developer. I had to identify a buildable site, define its most valuable uses by studying the surrounding estate market, project a scheme giving it maximum value, calculate its costs (building, financing, risks…) and find out how much could be allocated to buy the land.
The project is a mixed use development to spread investment risks. The South side is allocated to a public square, with retail and public amenities to create an urban attractor, and interact with the neighbourhood. A strip of offices on the north of the square, separate it from a large garden where is located housing. Transparency through the retail allows view onto the garden while a strip of water gives protection and intimacy. The existing housing along the street are refurbished in order to maintain the historic grain and to give to the garden a old cloister feel. The small housing towers are placed in a check board pattern to allow view and expression of identity for each.