Greenwich Peninsula

The Greenwich Garden redevelopment is a self-generated project, developed to open up the debate on brownfield redevelopment. The Greenwich peninsula is a contaminated land. Our proposal involves passive land regeneration by maximising the surface area of the parks. As the contaminated ground is not suiting any residential use without complex and hugely expensive decontamination work, the accommodations are provided in skyscrapers. These residential towers are located along a central spine with retail and the commercial uses, which links through the park the existing activity nodes: the North Greenwich station/Dome and Greenwich Village/Greenwich centre. The activities of culture and leisure are located in the park surrounding the development along the river.
Project designer of the scheme, I was responsible for the final design and the information production. The project included meeting with the director various influent bodies and local groups to promote the project. I was also assisting in developing the financial feasibility, in parallel to the funding, phasing, and was involved in liaising with government bodies and developers.