Exhibition Road

Located in the West of London, The Exhibition Road is the remaining back bone of Prince Albert’s « Albertopolis », the cultural centre of the Imperial London. The Competition ambition is to revamp this street today overcome by cars traffic, into a prestigious avenue and to outline the institution facing the street. By a careful parking and traffic redesign, we proposed to narrow the road to two lanes and shifted it on one side to create a large pedestrian walkway along the major institutions. The scheme let penetrate in the street the green character of the neighbourhood, South Kensington being a highly successful example urban houses in the countryside. The street becomes an Arboretum, building up on one of the themes of the 1858 Great Exhibition, which financial success led to the Albertopolis project. The existing tunnel connecting the street to the tube station is advantageously transformed in a mall leading to a new joint entrance atrium building on a project to link the Science museum, to the Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum (taking example on the 1990’s Louvre regeneration in Paris). This new so called « Crystal Arcades » wove its relation to the street in multiples openings, entrances and excrescences forming caf├ęs, kiosks and restaurant terraces in the street.